To The Core

  • C++
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Steam
  • Platformer / Roguelite
  • Level Generation

To the Core is a roguelite action-platforming game. This game is built with a large team in one full academic year. The game is available on Steam!


  • TypeScript
  • Tiny Unity
  • ECS
  • Internship

A game made in the beta version of Unity's Tiny mode using the ECS workflow.


  • C++
  • Lua
  • Custom Engine
  • Photoshop Script
  • UI

This game is made in a custom engine with a large team. I was responsible for building the UI system.

Squid Jump

  • TypeScript
  • Phaser
  • Browser Game

This is a HTML 5 browser game made in my spare time with the Phaser framework.


  • JavaScript
  • Facebook
  • Internship

A Facebook game that I worked on during my internship at CoolGames.


  • C++
  • School Framework
  • Dungeon Crawler

This game is made in C++ and a custom framework provided by the school.

Clash of the Realms

  • C#
  • MonoGame
  • Turn-based strategy

This is my graduation project from Mediacollege in 2015.

One Key

  • TypeScript
  • Phaser
  • GMTK Game Jam

A puzzle platformer where the goal is to advance to the next room by using only one key.

Eat, Don't Shit

  • C#
  • Unity
  • Global Game Jam

This is a 4 player game made in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2019.